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Colourant Series(JY-9XXX )

Short Description:

JY-9XXX; OAK oil stain; there are a variety of colours to choose from, our company can also be based on customer demand, the production of special stain to meet the special needs of customers. Mainly used for wood products colouring; such as oak, ash, tulipwood colouring.

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Drying Time (minutes)


Main Ingredients


OAK Oil Colourant

Coloured solutions

For direct colouring of wood

25-10 minutes

Good colour, good transparency, good permeability, no swelling of the wood, no linting

PM colour masterbatch, rosin



  2.OAK oil

3.Two coats of NC second-degree primer

4. After drying, sanding with 280# sandpaper

5.Repair colour (whether this process is needed or not depends on the requirements)

6.NE-STAIN colour correction

7.NC varnish

B.1. Grind the material with 280# sandpaper.

2.OAK oil

3.NC second degree primer

4.NC second degree primer (after drying, sanding with 280# sandpaper)

5.NC top coat


1: Stir well before use.
2: The board should avoid pollution and the moisture content should not be higher than 12%.
3: Shelf life is 12 months under normal conditions (stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place).
4: This information is set under our conditions, and is intended to be used as a reference.

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