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Nitrocellulose Solution

The nitrocellulose solution is made up of various specification of nitrocellulose and technical solvents corresponding to the technical requirements.It is used in the manufacture of paints、ink、cosmetics and adhesives.The nitrocellulose solution produced by our company has been processed by high-tech process.The biggest advantage is that it has good stability,easy transportation,storage,clear and transparent appearance,and the performance of anti-yellowing is superior.Aibook manufactures high-solid content nitrocellulose solution with superior nitrocellulose as raw material,such as ink nitrocellulose solution , coating nitrocellulose solution ,adhesives nitrocellulose solution,and supported with advanced technology & equipment. Our material has the advantage of high solid content, visual transparency and absence of apparent impurities. It is able to serve as ideal raw materials for producing high-grade nitrocellulose products, and customizable according to customers’requirements.