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Good luck for the housewarming A New Day for Junye Shanghai Aibook New Material officially moved to a new location

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The Chinese hall is set with the sun, and the rising sun is approaching the door.On the morning of March 24th, 2024, Shanghai Aibook New Material Company held a grand relocation ceremony from Vanke District, Minhang District to Hongqiao Zhengrong Center, Lane 666, Shenhong Road.

At the moving ceremony, Mr. Qiao Xun, General Manager of Shanghai Aibook New Material, firstly expressed his thanks to all the guests! With the strong support from our partners and customers, the company has been making progress in both domestic and foreign sales, and constantly realizing new breakthroughs and new leaps! In order to improve the office conditions and environment, establish the company's brand image, and improve the happiness index of employees, we h

ereby move to a new location. The new office in Hongqiao Zhengrong Center is located in the center of Shanghai Hongqiao business core area, is the only one in the region near the high-speed rail enterprises to show the important place, pure high-end office projects.

New environment, new atmosphere. Walking into the brand-new office space, the spacious and bright modern style, simple and comfortable space design, and well-equipped office partition left a deep impression.

Today, the small lotus is blooming, tomorrow, the fragrance of the lotus will be full. Shanghai Aibook New Material will take the opportunity of moving to the new site, continue to adhere to the values of "integrity, safety and efficiency, quality-oriented, supporting services, agile innovation, teamwork", firmly grasp the initiative of safety production, the word "stable", seeking progress in a stable manner, focusing on the worst, working toward the best, strengthening the sense of worry, always keep a clear mind; firmly grasp the pulse of the market, customer-centered, marketing-oriented, seize the strategic opportunities and important window of time, and take advantage of the situation. Sober mind; firmly grasp the pulse of the market, customer-centered, marketing-oriented, seize the strategic opportunity and important window period, with the trend, take advantage of the momentum, gather momentum and strong; firmly grasp the institutionalization, responsibility, fine management, hard work, efforts to improve management efficiency and level; firmly grasp the construction of a warm, cohesive, executive force of the staff team, build momentum and increase the power to build a dream new journey, painting a new blueprint for innovation and development. New blueprint for innovative development.  

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Post time: Mar-25-2024