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Riding on the trend of “exhibition” to gain business opportunities “Shanghai Aibook” Shines at China International Coatings Show 2023

Shanghai1(1)The China International Coatings Exhibition commenced on November 15, 2023, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A multitude of attendees congregated to participate in the event. Shanghai Aibook, a company specializing in the upstream and downstream industry chain of nitrocellulose, confidently showcased their product series and effectively demonstrated the brand image of ‘AI BOOK’ at the exhibition. They strategically utilized the timing, location, and audience to promote their offerings.

Shanghai Aibook is confidently keeping up with market trends and taking full advantage of the post-epidemic era in the coatings industry. They are currently undergoing a reorganization period and are determined to improve their situation. They are avoiding the trap of ‘involution’ and actively seeking new opportunities. Their plan to achieve this is by innovating their products and enhancing their ancillary services to increase their competitiveness and create a new ‘blue ocean’.   Our booth attracted a large number of people at the exhibition. Exhibitors stopped by to consult and expressed their keen interest. The company displayed the whole series of products of refined cotton, nitrocellulose and solution, and nitro varnish, and assertively engaged in productive discussions with both new and existing international customers on topics such as technology, application, safety, environmental protection, and cooperation. These efforts have significantly enhanced the company’s global reputation and firmly established a positive international image, providing strong support for its internationalization and branding efforts.

Post time: Mar-14-2024