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Transparent Nitro Varnish

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Varnish is a kind of transparent paint. Its function is to spray or roll painting,the liquid will turn into solid, thus achieve the goal of surface hardening and its resistance to scratch, and the surface looks bright, beautiful, smooth.

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Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow transparent viscous liquid
Odor: weak odor
Flash Point: >100℃(closed cup)
Boiling Point/℃: >150℃
PH Value: 4.2(25℃ 50.0g/L)
Solubility: Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in acetone and ethanol

Our Transparent Nitro Varnish is the perfect solution for achieving a flawless and glossy finish on any surface. Whether you're working on wooden furniture, doors, or any other decorative items, our varnish is designed to provide exceptional results.

The key selling point of our nitro varnish is its remarkable transparency. It allows the natural beauty and grain of the material to shine through, creating a clear and pristine finish that enhances the overall aesthetics. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless surfaces, as our varnish brings out the true vibrancy of the underlying material.

In addition to its outstanding transparency, our nitro varnish offers excellent protection against scratches, stains, and moisture. Its durable and robust film acts as a protective shield, ensuring that your surfaces stay pristine and well-maintained for a longer period of time.

Applying our transparent nitro varnish is a breeze. It spreads smoothly and evenly, effortlessly transforming your surfaces into a professional-looking masterpiece. Its quick-drying formula saves you time and allows for efficient production.

We prioritize the safety of our customers, which is why our transparent nitro varnish is made using high-quality ingredients that meet industry standards. It has low VOC content, minimizing harmful emissions and providing a safer working environment.

Experience the unmatched beauty, protection, and ease of use with our Transparent Nitro Varnish. Choose quality and reliability for your projects, and enjoy the exceptional results that our varnish delivers.


Solvent Type Oil-base
Resin Type Nitrocellulose resin
Sheen Glossy
Color Lightly Sticky Yellowish
Maximum VOC content less than 720
Specific Gravity approximately 0.647kg/L
Solid Content ≥15%
Water resistance 24hours no change
Alkali resistance(50g/LNaHCO3,1h) no change


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